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(UPDATED: MAY 14, 2024)


V 14.05.2024 V

hi folks! it's may now.

right now, i'm working on updating my art fight page (@dreamoo). it doesn't start until july, but i'm trying to curb my habit of waiting until the last minute. my request box for 2024 should also be up on my page soon, so feel free to check it out if you feel inclined.

i'm studying backgrounds & composition right now! it's a lot of fun, but i still struggle with perspective... lately i've been knee-deep in making concept art, so it's a refreshing change of pace regardless. i'm still trying to muster the courage to share my art online; i hope to upload something on this page soon.

blender's grease pencil has been an interest of mine recently, but the software definitely has a learning curve. i'll report back if i'm successful with picking it up.

that's all I have to say for now. thanks for stopping by!

-darcy :)

V 07.03.2024 V

hi folks, this is my first post.

i don't have a bunch to share at the moment, so i thought i would introduce myself and explain how i'll be running this page.

in case you missed it, my name is darcy. i make art as a hobby and right now i'm working on a game, too!

i'll be posting doodles, concepts, project updates, and whatever else i feel like here. there won't be a standard of quality or set timeline for these posts, so please forgive the inconsistencies.

newer posts will be at the top, so old posts will get pushed down over time. if this page gets long enough i might add in a directory, but no promises!

that's all for now. thanks for stopping by.

-darcy :^)